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Catalogs & Specs

Catalogs & Specs

Polyethylene Design and Engineering Calculator

HDPE / MDPE Polyethylene Pipe Spec Sheets:

Fusion Welding Instructions:

Engineering & Pipe Guidelines:

Fitting Catalogs and Specifications 

Agru Hdpe Fitting Catalog (click here)  SDR11 and SDR17

  • Molded Butt Fusion Fittings and Flange Adapters                                        

Elofit Hdpe Fitting and Equipment Catalog (click here)

  • Electrofusion Couplings (Elofit)
  • Electrofusion Branch Saddles (Elofit)
  • Electrofusion Tapping Tees (Elofit)
  • Electrofusion Elbows and Tees (Elofit)
  • Electrofusion Reducers (Elofit)
  • Mechanical Compression Fittings (Elofit)
  • Socket Fusion and Butt Fusion Fittings (Elofit)
  • Electrofusion Clamps, Scrapers and Other Tools                        

Integrifuse Hdpe Fitting Catalog (Click Here) SDR17, SDR11, SDR9, SDR7

  • Molded Butt Fusion Fittings (Integrifuse) 
  • MJ Adapters and Kits (Integrifuse)
  • Electrofusion Fittings
  • Hdpe Poly Ball Valves (Integrifuse)
  • Butt Fusion Transitions (Carbon, Stainless, Weld End, Threaded, Grooved) 
  • Electrofusion Tools (Integrifuse)
  • Socket Fusion Tools (Integrifuse)

Continental Industries ConStab Gas Fitting Catalog (Click Here)

  • ConStab Gas Couplings, Tee, Reducers and Transitions
  • Gas Meter Risers and Brackets
  • Telescoping Repair Couplings
  • Mechanical Gas Compression Fittings

Continental Industries GeoStab Geothermal Fitting Catalog (Click Here)

  • Geothermal Stab Fittings
  • GeoStab Couplings, Tees, Reducers, and Transitions
  • GeoStab Geothermal Manifolds 

Continental Industries Fusion1 Fitting Catalog (Click Here)

  • Butt Fusion and Socket Fusion Molded Fittings
  • Yellow MDPE Gas and Black HDPE Water Fittings

Continental Industries Mechanical Water Fitting Catalog (Click Here) 

  • PVC Mechanical Saddles, Couplings, Tee, Elbows and Reducers

Premium Manufacturing Transition Fitting Catalog (Click Here)

  • Stainless 304 / 316, Carbon Steel, and Brass Transitions
  • PVC x HDPE Transitions
  • Weld End, Threaded, Grooved
  • Pulling Heads (Butt Fusion)


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